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Why buy at NRIJEWELRY?
Typically, in order for NRI’s to purchase jewelry from any stores in India, they go through a number of issues like not able to communicate with the jewelers or have issues negotiating prices, payments, shipping, repairs and maintenance. Due to these issues, NRI’s only tend to purchase jewelry only when they visit India.
NRIJEWELRY is established exactly to address these issues. Now you can purchase directly from our site and NRIJEWELRY will act as a gateway between you and the Jewelers making sure you get your item at our door step not going through any pain points.
NRIJEWELRY will also guarantee the authenticity of the Jewelry and also provides life time customer service, repairs and maintenance giving you the peace of mind that you always wanted.

What is the advantage of buying through NRIJEWELRY and not directly from the Jewelers?
Jewelry is one of the most important precious investment you make hoping that your family cherishes it for generations to come. Imagine as an NRI you brought an item directly from your jeweler and let’s say after receiving the item you did not like the item, or say after a month or so the item is broken or a stone/diamond fell off from the necklace, what options do you have? You live outside India and rarely visit India once every few years, so in reality you are taking a big chance which is not worth it but you had no other option.
NRIJEWELRY is established exactly for this reason. If you purchase through NRIJEWELRY, NRIJEWELRY not only takes full responsibility of your item, it will handle any issues that you encounter with the item. NRIJEWELRY will provide you top notch Customer Service, handle returns, repairs, maintenance and will give you a guaranteed peace of mind. NRIJEWELRY will represent you and work with the jewelers making sure it is a win-win situation for both.

What is the difference browsing the items on Laptop vs Mobile?
We strongly recommend that you browse our items on a Laptop or a Desktop. The pictures look much better with more clarity on a Laptop screen than mobile. Mobile could be an easy way to just quickly browse few items and save it in your wishlist but when u are ready to purchase we strongly recommend you to see it on a bigger screen to get a full clarity.

Do you work with all Jewelers in India?
NRIJEWELRY is continuously working to bring more and more Jewelers & designers onto the platform but if you know of a jeweler that does not exist on our site but you still want to purchase from them, just email us the vendor contact details and NRIJEWELRY will get in touch with that jeweler and make sure they join our portal. Never buy Jewelry directly from the Jeweler. If you buy through us, we will take care of the ongoing repairs & maintenance.

Which countries does NRIJEWELRY ship to?
Currently NRIJEWELRY only ships to all states within United States. In the future NRIJEWELRY is planning to expand to other countries.

Does NRIJEWELRY handle Custom Orders or any other Customer requests?
NRIJEWELRY understands that the NRI community is very tech savvy and they have tons of requests and custom orders. In order to cater to their needs NRIJEWELRY has a dedicated team to cater to these requests.
If you come across any Jewelry or picture online and you want us to find out if we can get you that piece from a jeweler in India or get it custom made, NRIJEWELRY would love to do that. NRIJEWELRY will try to find a jeweler who carries that item anywhere in India and if you are still not satisfied you can tell us whom you want us to place the order with and NRIJEWELRY will make sure the item is custom made for you and shipped to your door step.

What is the guarantee that quality of the Jewelry is right?
NRIJEWELRY ties up with most leading jewelers in India who have been in business for decades. Most of the NRI’s either know them already or have heard about them while they were growing up.
Apart from the individual Jewelers guaranteeing their jewelry, NRIJEWELRY has procurement teams who have years or experience testing the jewelry one more time making sure the customer is receiving the right Jewelry which they can cherish for generations.
Don’t forget that NRIJEWELRY provides Life time guarantee on the authenticity of the item and also takes care of repairs and maintenance.

What are your Shipping Charges?
There are no Shipping charges. All orders are shipped free of cost.

What are your Returns, Exchange and Cancellation Policy?
Cancellation Policy: Once you place an order, you will either receive an email or a call from our customer service confirming your order. This could take about 24 hours as we get in touch with the store making sure the item you have orders is in stock before taking your payment. So if you change your mind, then you can inform us anytime so that we will cancel the order and not take any of your payment information. If you have already made a payment and have not received the item yet and would like to cancel your order, that will be handled case by case basis. If the item did not get shipped from India, then we could cancel the order but if the item is in the transit/cargo then we cannot cancel the order and that will be considered as a Return.

Exchange Policy: If you do not like the item that you have received and want to exchange it, you need to make sure the next item that you pick should also be from the same store. Eg: You picked an item from Vasundhara the first time and want to exchange it with another item, you will have to buy your next item from Vasundhara only. If you exchange your item within the same store then you are not charged any restocking fee. But if you are planning to exchange it with an item from a different store then that is considered as a Return and the Return Policy rules will be applicable as explained below. In order to exchange, you will have to ship the original item back to our sales office in US within 14 days and wait for your second item to arrive accordingly or you can carry that item and exchange it at the store in India. Exchanging the item at the store in India will help you waive off the shipping charges and also gives you the flexibility to exchanged directly at the store you bought it from. There is a Tag that is attached with the item ensuring that no one can wear the item before it is exchanged so you need to make sure that the Tag is not removed. Once the Tag is removed, you are not eligible for returns or exchanges

Return Policy: Due to the number of import/export regulations between India and US, the below policy sounds a little tricky but this is the best we could do keeping in mind the current regulations. If the regulations change we will accordingly change our return policy. You have two options to return an item. If you return the item to our USA location, you will charged a restocking fee but it you can return the item to our Hyderabad sales office then we will not charge any restocking fee

a. Returning your item to our sales office in USA: Every item that you receive has a Tag that comes attached with the item. Please make sure this Tag is not removed if you are planning to return it. If you break this Tag , you will not be able to return the item. This Tag ensures that the item is all Brand new and no other customer has ever worn it. So once you received it and If you are planning to return the item to our sales office in USA, you will have to ship the item to our USA address via USPS Express Mail with full insurance within 14 days. We will verify the item and will process your refund charging a 5% restocking fee. . You will have to bear the shipping charges for the return item which will range anywhere from $50+ based on the value of the item. You have 14 days to return the item.

b. Returning your item to our sales office in India: In order to avoid the restocking fee, you can instead return the item at our sales office in Hyderabad. We give you full 30 days to return the item to our Hyderabad sales office for a full refund. Again, the Tag that comes attached with the necklace should be intact. if the Tag is broken then there are no returns or exchanges. If you return the item in Hyderabad office we will refund the entire amount you paid.

Why is that I am not able to enter my Credit Card or Bank information at the time of placing the Order?
We do not take any payment from you at the time of placing an order as we need to double check with the seller making sure the item you wanted is still in their inventory. 99% of the times the item is available but we just wanted to double confirm before we take your payment. So once you place an order within 24 hours our customer rep will either send you an email or call you confirming the order. Once you order has been confirmed we will provide you with our payment options and you can either pay your your credit card or can pay via check. So after you place an order please look out for the order confirmation. If you do not hear from us you can always call us or send an inquiry anytime.

What is the advantage of paying via Check vs Credit Card?
If you pay by Check, we do not incur any financial charges due to which if you decide to return just in case, we will be able to return the amount as per our return and exchange policy explained above. But if you pay by credit card, we incur a charge of 3% by the credit card company so we will have to deduct 5% on top of other fees that is explained under our return policy if paid by credit card.
So we highly encourage customers to pay by Check so that it will be a win-win situation for the customer. We have bank accounts in all major banks in USA, so all you do is just go into the nearest bank and deposit a check or initiate a wire. It is as simple. Once you place an order our customer service will confirm the order and will provide you the bank details.

Any price negotiation?
There is absolutely no price negotiation. The price mentioned on the website is final and no one at our end has the authority to reduce the price. We believe that we are very competitive in pricing for the quality that we deliver.

Why are the jewelry photos different from other sites?
We do not enhance or use any sophisticated software or tools to make our jewelry look picture perfect. We believe in presenting our jewelry the way they look.
If you like our jewelry pictures online, then we assure you that the real jewelry that you are going to receive will look much more nicer than the picture.

What Kind of Guarantee do you give for the Diamond Jewelry?
All our Diamond Jewelry are certified. You will also receive our store invoice assuring you that the item you bought is fully guaranteed.

What is the Repair Policy?
Any minor issues (bending, breakage etc.,), we will not charge anything for the repairs. They are all free of charge.
If there are any missing stones, diamonds, pearls etc., we will try our best making sure we charge very minimal for the replacement items and will also try our best to keep the repair charges as minimal as possible.
The customer is responsible to pay the Shipping Charges for both ways including insurance.

Will you exchange 24k Pure Bullion Coins with Jewelry?
We do not exchange our Jewelry with your 24K Bullion coins.

Do you offer Secure checkout?
Yes. NRIJEWELRY is secured with SSL Encryption and fully secured.

How Can I track my item?
You will receive a Tracking number once we ship the item over email. Additionally you can call us to find out the Tracking number.

Are the Prices according to the Gold Price on a certain day?
Yes, The Prices of a Certain Item depends on Gold Price.

What is Gross Gold weight?
Gross Gold weight is the weight of the Entire Item including Diamonds, Polkis, Gemstones and Beads.

To which states do you ship?
We Ship across all the states in USA

What Mode of Shipment do you use?
We Use USPS Priority Shipping with Full insurance.

What are the different Payment Types you accept?
We accept all Major Credit Cards, Checks/Money Order, Wire Transfer and will ship the item only after getting the funds. Call us to find the account and routing Info for Wire Transfer.

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