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Welcome to NRIJEWELRY – India’s first Jewelry market place established to cater to NRI’s


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  • 1. Jewelry Portal: NRIJewelry is a Portal showcasing Jewelry from all the leading Jewelers in Hyderabad to begin with and will eventually expand to other cities. NRIJewelry will verify the authenticty of the Jewelry before shipping the item to you. NRI Jewelry is also responsible for shipping, repairs & maintenance issues. We will be your one point contact for all your jewelry needs and our customer service representative are always there to answer all your questions.

  • 2. Custom/Catalogue Jewelry: Most of the times our tech savvy NRI's come across Jewelry pictures on other websites and social media sites and are always confused how to move forward from there. You now have NRIJewelry taking care of all your custom requests. All you have to do is send us the picture of the Jewelry that you are really interested to our email and we will find the right Jeweler who can offer you that exact item and also make sure we negotiate the price making sure you get the best piece at the right price and shipped right at your door step. You now can consider NRIJewelry as your friend for all your Jewelry needs.

  • 3. Purcahse All Jewelry thru NRI Jewelry: NRIJewelry is established as a win win to both the customes and vendors. Imagine, as a customer if you are planning to buy Jewelry from some vendor in India, you always have these questions of what if you do not receive the piece properly or what if you want to exchange or return it or what if there is a damage or missing stones. You have no answers and you always go through stress and nervousness to make the purchase. Is it worth the risk?

    • Now you have NRIJewelry as your gateway. Any item even if that item or vendor does not exist on our website even then that is fine. You just tell that what you are buying and from which vendor and NRIJewelry will coordinate and tie up with that vendor and will make sure NRIJewelry takes over the entire responsibility. NRIJewelry quality team will verify the item and will make sure we take the responsibility of Shipping, repairs and Maintenance of the item. Also you can pay NRIJewelry directly so that you know your payment is safe and we take care of the rest.

      As a customer you do not pay us any commissions nor NRIJewelry charges anything extra. So you really do not have to worry. NRIJewelry is established to eliminate the stress lot of NRI's go through bringing more transparence into the system.

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